Weight Lifting-Hook Hand-Bar

Our new fitness and strength workouts are just the thing you need. The new Weight Lifting-Hook Hand-Bar is a great way to train your hands at home or on the go, so that you can exercise more effectively without worrying about injury, or compromising comfort!
The ergonomic design of our fitness lifting grips provide easy grip on the bar when you push it and keep it in place during your exercises, while our new grip handles will allow you to work out for your entire body with no effort required. This will help prevent muscle soreness and support joint and ligaments from coming into direct contact with the handle bars and improve posture. Also, you can apply your own weight directly onto each exercise area and use as a non slip wrist band. And we've added some of the most advanced features. We have made a variety of features to accommodate all of these needs. These include:
[num] mm Neoprene (the same material we use in the gym)
Soft neopedic mesh fabric on the sides
Flexible elastic around wrist and hands for a snug fit (no more tight wrists, no more loose fingers!)