About Us

Pulse Attic is a woman-owned universal health, fitness retail and idea co-op founded in 2016 by Denise Charlene. Our mission is to create a virtual marketplace where people can access and exchange ideas, methods and solutions that connect both the physical and mental planes within your body.

The Pulse Attic concept came to Denise Charlene following a near-death experience and rigorous post-op cardio rehab. Her pulse, she recalls, “was the only thing connecting me to life.” During months of rehabilitation, she couldn’t help but notice how physical progress and gains directly correlated to a reduction in the stress she was feeling from her injury as well as other factors in her life.

“It was a severely stressful time in my life, but it also awakened some things in my attic.” 

“The attic,” she explains, is place where old things are stored. Precious things like mind-body coordination, intuition, tenacity, consciousness, awareness, and yes, stress. The attic is our internal memory archive and by connecting that library of internal knowledge with your pulse, or physical activity, you are activating a powerful source of renewal and balance.” 

In the spirit of exchange, Pulse Attic offers a forum of ideas and solutions to help you connect your mind and body. From and ever-evolving line of fitness apparel and gear to our blogs and outreach programs, Pulse Attic is an active portal to better living and well being.