1. Walking

There are plenty of health benefits to be gained from walking, even if you’re not quite reaching the common goal of 10,000 steps a day.   Walking actually bolsters your defenses against the negative effects of stress. When it comes down to it, any exercise should help relieve holiday stress and boost your mood.

2. Running

If you feel like kicking your holiday exercise regimen up a notch, a brisk run can be an even better option. Running effectively rewires your brain, promoting the building of new neural pathways that can help you ! What’s more, the huge rush of endorphins can lead to the amazing “runner’s high” 

3. Swimming

Swimming is an awesome exercise option for people who are independent and treasure their alone time. 

4. Yoga

Between the relaxing stretches and mindful breathing, yoga is a fantastic way to relieve holiday stress, people who participated in yoga reported feeling significantly less anxious, tense, depressed, angry and fatigued afterward.

5. Weight lifting

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed by holiday stress? Grab a pair of dumbbells. By putting heavy strain on your muscles, resistance training can actually produce even more endorphins than cardio in a shorter amount of time.